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Core Team

Kalin Iliev
Automobile Designer wannabe
Founder & CEO

Stavri Georgiev
Scientist wannabe
Founder & CEO

Teodora Malashevska
Superstar wannabe
Head of Post Production

Georgi Tsonev
NBA Star wannabe
Design Lead

Vili Dobreva
Actress wannabe
Account Manager

Nikol Churanova
Astronaut wannabe
UX /UI Designer

Mirko Minkov
Artist wannabe
Design & Web Wizard

Boyan Arabadzhiev
Pilot wannabe
Design & 3D

Yordan Yordanov
Comic book writer wannabe
Junior Graphic Designer

Teodor Georgiev
Professional Gamer wannabe
Post Production

Ivelina Sulemenko
Dancer wannabe

Veronica Zehova
Lawyer wannabe
Administrative Assistant


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